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We hope you like our newly designed website. If something isn’t working or doesn’t seem right to you, we’d appreciate you letting us know!

Autosport 2017

Please note that we are currently away, exhibiting at the 2017 Autosport Show.

If you’re attending the Engineering Show this Thursday or Friday, please do come and say hello.

Also, please be aware that any orders placed will not be shipped until week commencing January 16th.

New Shiftlight Functionality


Released this week is a new version of the shiftlight firmware and the companion PC program. This adds new templates for BMW E46, Emerald K6, and CANbus-equipped Imprezas allowing the shift light to be directly connected to the OEM CANbus (via OBD-II connector, for example).

To do this, support for “29 bit Extended CAN 2.0B” has been added, as well as the ability to “scale” the received CAN data. This means the unit can now be configured to work with pretty much any OEM CANbus system where the RPM data CAN ID’s are known, or can be found.

All units shipped from now on will have this version of firmware as standard.

Existing units can be upgraded but will need to be returned to the factory for this to be done.


MEU close to release!

Having undergone extensive beta testing, our powerful new I/O expander unit for Syvecs and Life Racing engine management systems is close to final release.

Technical details are here


We have plenty of stocks of this great device, ready to ship as soon as the final few software enhancements are added.

The formal release date will be announced here soon!

Autosport 2016 – not there, sorry! And we’re away.

We won’t be at Autosport this year, sorry if you were hoping to come and see us.


Our office will also be unmanned from 21st January to 1st February as we’re away doing a full Impreza race car wiring job (EG33, sequential box, S8, PDU, GPS etc.) – we will monitor emails and voicemail regularly but we won’t be able to deliver any orders during that time.



We’ve moved!

After just a year in our compact office, we ran out of space so have just moved to a 1000 sq. ft. light industrial unit.

The move gives us a very much larger working space and this, coupled with an investment in wire processing machinery and, soon, a vehicle lift, means we are much better placed to work on customer’s vehicles for custom wiring work. It also allows us to process higher volumes of “by post” looms, loom adapters, and sensor/cable assemblies.

Please see our contact page for the new address.

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