Mini Expansion Unit

£540.00 inc. VAT

(£450.00 +VAT)

This advanced unit is a powerful addition to a Syvecs or Life Racing ECU.meu

Connecting via CANbus the Mini Expansion Unit, or “MEU”, extends the I/O capability of these already excellent engine management systems by adding:

  • 4 additional inputs with configurable pull-up resistors, suitable for all sensor types; capable of speed measurement (e.g. for ABS wheel speed sensors).
  • H-bridge output which can be configured as a single full bridge or two independent half bridges. Suitable for drive-by-wire throttle control, for example.
  • 50Hz update-rate GPS receiver, providing accurate vehicle speed (can be set at any rate between 1Hz and 50Hz as required)
  • Bosch LSU 4.9/4.2 lambda amplifier
  • Single channel K thermocouple amplifier, typically used for EGT measurements
  • Barometric pressure sensor
  • Triple axis accelerometer for vertical, lateral and longitudinal G measurement
  • Triple axis G sensors for roll, pitch and yaw measurement


The MEU enclosure is an industry-standard Deutsch enclosure, moulded in Thermoplastic and rated at IP67.

Interface to ECU

Connects via single pair CANbus direct to ECU.

There are two operating modes that can be set using the PC program available for download from this site:

  1. Life Racing/Syvecs “slave mode” which *cannot* be used for other devices at this time, but allows free use of the inputs for any purpose, as well as full GPS information (co-ordinates as well as speed etc.).
  2. Life Racing/Syvecs GPS-AG50 mode, with full GPS data (latitude/longitude/speed/course) with accelerometer and gyro data. H-bridge driver can be controlled by the generic transmit datastream, but use of the inputs is limited to the barometric pressure sensor, EGT and Bosch lambda via S8/F88 generic receive (not S6). The 4 main inputs – at this time – are not accessible, but this mode does allow other CAN devices, such as a dash or Toucan to be connected.

The CANbus has an internal 120Ω termination link (which can be removed via internal jumper link).


The MEU is equipped with a pair of 12-way Deutsch DTM connectors, and is supplied with the mating housings and a set of DTM terminals.

The GPS antenna (supplied) uses a standard SMA jack connector.

Technical Specification

Analogue Input TypeUnipolar, Voltage or Resistive (AU/AV/AR). Speed capable. (AB - bipolar - configuration available to special order)
Analogue Input pull-up resistorSwitchable, 3k
Analogue input voltage range0-5V
Analogue input speed measurementUp to 1.8kHz. Hall effect/3-wire type or VR type (e.g. 2-wire ABS sensors).
H-bridge CurrentContinuous 5.0A, peak 7.0A.
H-bridge PWM frequencyFixed at 7.8kHz in full bridge. Adjustable up to 10kHz in half bridge mode
Barometric pressure sensor range500-1100mBar
Barometric pressure sensor accuracy±4mBar
Accelerometer range±4G (±2G or ±8G available to special order)
Accelerometer Accuracy ±20 mG
Accelerometer temperature stability ±0.008 %/°C
Accelerometer update rate50Hz
Accelerometer low pass filter16Hz
G Sensor range±250 º/s. ±500 (±1000 or ±200 º/s available to special order)
G sensor non-linearity 0.2 %
G sensor variation over temperature range±2 %
G sensor sample rate50Hz
G sensor low pass filter42Hz
GPS update rateDefault 50Hz (rates between 1Hz and 50Hz selectable using PC software)
GPS speed accuracy0.1m/s (0.36km/h)
GPS start up29 second cold start
1 second hot start
GPS internal battery2.3mA/hr. Provides up to 2 days of power to assist fast startup
GPS sensitivity-165dBm tracking
-148dBm cold start
GPS Antenna (supplied)Active omnidirectional antenna (powered via MEU) with adhesive pad.
Lambda amplifierInternal selection for LSU4.9 (default) or LSU4.2.
Lambda Heater control.PID control to maintain accuracy.
"K" type thermocouple amplifiertemperature range 0-1500C
"K" type thermocouple amplifier accuracy±2 ºC
CANbusCustom data rate with built in 120Ω termination resistor
Physical size (plus mating connectors)133 x 119 x 36 mm
Supply Voltage8-25V, reverse polarity protected
Power consumption (MEU only, excluding current delivered to connected devices)<100mA
Operating temperature range-20 to +80ºC
Connectors (supplied)Deutsch DTM 12 way. 1x "A" coding, 1x "B" coding.
Syvecs Firmware version requiredS8 >V1.460
S6 >V1.35

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