Lambda Sensors and cables


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Lambda Sensors and Cables Retrofit modification wiring looms Sensor Packs/Looms

We offer two different wideband lambda sensors – the NTK LZA-09E1 (previously known as the “L2H2”) used with ECUs such as Syvecs S6 and S8, or MoTeC; and the Bosch LSU 4.9 used on the Syvecs S6GP+ as well as other ECUs.

The sensor is available on its own, or with cables (1m or 2.5m) either bare-ended for generic ECUs or with a dedicated connector for Syvecs Plug-and-Play S6 ECUs, or SuperSeal terminals for the S6GP+ . Cables also available separately.

Cables are made using 300C-rated silicone-impregnated glass fibre, and high quality thinwall automotive wire, sealed at each end with heatshrink sleeving.

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