Mini Expansion Unit (MEU)

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Electronics Mini Expansion Unit

This unit connects via CANbus to a Syvecs or Life Racing ECU and extends the I/O capability of these already excellent engine management systems by adding:

  • 4 additional inputs with configurable pull-up resistors, suitable for all sensor types; capable of speed measurement (e.g. for ABS wheel speed sensors).
  • H-bridge output which can be configured as a single full bridge or two independent half bridges. Suitable for drive-by-wire throttle control, for example.
  • 50Hz update-rate GPS receiver, providing accurate “RADAR” vehicle speed. Uses external GPS antenna (supplied).
  • Bosch LSU 4.9/4.2 lambda amplifier
  • Single channel K thermocouple amplifier, typically used for EGT measurements
  • Barometric pressure sensor
  • Triple axis accelerometer for vertical, lateral and longitudinal G measurement
  • Triple axis G sensors for roll, pitch and yaw measurement

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