• Toucan shows an engine limp/trip, with ID 1. This is because the CAN definitions in your Syvecs CAL have not been updated to include the correct parameter for trip/limp modes. This feature was only introduced from Toucan version 1.20 onwards, and CAN datastream definition updates need to be made. If you need help, contact us.



White Screen Issues

There are a small number of Toucans that occasionally exhibit a “white screen” at startup, necessitating a power cycle to get the unit working again. This is more prevalent when the permanent and switched lives are wired together to a switched live.

There is a simple hardware fix for this, but the unit does need to be returned to us.

If your Toucan is suffering this issue, please contact us so we can sort out the fix.

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  1. Hi, I brought My New Age Impreza a month ago that is running a syvecs ecu and toucan installed with firmware 1.34 installed. I had the car remapped the other week by Simon at Jolly Green Monster and is running great. The problem I have is the LC indicator on the toucan does not know that LC is enabled. The LC indicator does not turn green. Everything else seems to be working on the toucan e.g. the gauges and AL button etc. The LC enables when the car is stand still and then de-activates at 10kmh. I have read the manuals but can’t find any info in regards to what actually tells the Toucan that LC is enabled and what to check. If someone could give me some advice please, then that would help a lot.

    1. There have been some issues with LC indication with it getting broken, then fixed, then broken again, in versions between V1.30 and V1.35. There is a new version V1.40 available that – we hope! – puts this issue to bed.

  2. V1.40 did not seem to sort this issue and further investigation revealed that the CAN definitions for the Syvecs were not 100% correct.

    Grabbing the file from the downloads section of this site and applying it to the CAL – problem solved 🙂

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