Toucan Firmware

V1.72 Adds support for SimTek2 (GEMS) ecu. Adds turbo speed and NOS pressure gauges, gear indicator increased to show gears up to 9, minor bug fixes.

Note – from March 2016, a new version of Toucan hardware was introduced – the correct binary file must be used for each version and you MUST use the latest Toucan programmer from this page.

The hardware version number will be reported via the latest Toucan programmer when you first connect the toucan via USB.

PLEASE use the right file!

V1.72 for Hardware versions up to 3

V1.72 for Hardware versions 4 and above

Toucan Programming Software – allows new firmware to be applied to the Toucan display. Existing installations should automatically update to this version when you run the software and are connected to the Internet. Only the latest version will auto detect if the incorrectly matched firmware is used.

Toucan Programming Software User Guide

V1.50 Adds support for the JTi shiftlight.