JTinnovations provides innovative products to vehicle tuning enthusiasts worldwide.

Based on the beautiful Isle of Portland in Dorset, we aim to deliver quality and service beyond expectations, and pride ourselves with attention to detail.

We supply sensors and cables, and retro-fit modification looms, such as AVCS/VVT wiring and coilpack conversions.

Toucan is our top product, offering a touchscreen gauge and alarm system for engine sensors, when coupled with after-market engine management systems such as Syvecs, Life Racing, SimTek, AlcaTek, Link/Vi-PEC, MBE, MoTeC, Haltech, ECUmaster and Emtron, etc.

Our shiftlight not only integrates well with Toucan but is also a complete standalone device, connecting to OBD-II, CANbus, or tacho pulses.

Toucan Display

Toucan is an innovative touchscreen display unit that connects, via CAN bus, to Syvecs,  Life Racing, AlcaTek, SimTek, Link, Vi-PEC, MoTeC, or MBE engine management systems. It also supports the STACK protocol via RS232 serial data, used by ECUs such as the Pectel T6 etc.

It has 2 main functions:

  1. Easy naming and selection of Calibrations (or maps), in place of the standard rotary switch.
  2. Extensive gauge displays, complete with audible and visible alarms, as well as absolute and dynamic peak markers.

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Shiftlight Unit


Our shift light unit has 8 high brightness RGB LEDS allowing each LED to have your choice of colour, and with adjustable on and off RPM settings per LED

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Sensors and cable assemblies

We stock a full range of sensors including pressure (NOS, oil and fuel) temperature (oil, fluid/coolant and EGT), knock and flex fuel sensors and boost solenoids.

All are available with cables if required, or just mating connectors.

In addition, we have a large range of conversion looms, particularly for Subaru vehicles, such as coilpack conversions and AVCS/VVT looms.

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