Toucan Release Notes


  • Adds Emtron Support
  • Adds EcuMaster Black support
  • Fixes to Link G4 CEL
  • Link G4X – turbo speed and improved knock alarms
  • Fixed – S7I selection not remembered
  • Fixed – peak markers not always saved in non-volatile memory
  • Syvecs/Life Racing/Link – gauges for gear oil temp, coolant pressure, crankcase pressure
  • Syvecs/Life Racing – Syvecs RS232 serial fixed after an undocumented Syvecs firmware change


  • Fixes a bug preventing the speedometer gauges from displaying in kph
  • Added “CEL” (check engine light) and “TC” (traction control icons) for Link G4+
  • Enabled the CAL select physical voltage output for MoTeC M1 for packages with no CAN receive capability.


  • Support for the fixed Datastream on CAN1 of Syvecs S7 ECUs
  • Enhanced CAN-control from the touchscreen for Syvecs S7+/S8/S12 ECUs (e.g. launch control rpm adjustment) using “Generic CAN Receive”.
  • MoTeC M1 support


  • More gauge colour options (red/green/blue/white/yellow/cyan/magenta)
  • Enhanced oil pressure alarms that allow different thresholds at different rpm
  • Hysteresis added to alarms to stop multiple alarm triggering when the value is close to the alarm threshold
  • EGT and flex fuel gauges for Link G4+
  • Immobiliser option for Link G4+
  • Haltech support
  • Shift light has new “all LEDs” on/flash mode at chosen RPM
  • Alarms for status Indicators
  • G-sensor gauge/display for lateral and longitudinal G force (e.g. from Mini Expansion Unit)
  • 12-button keypad allowing control of, for example, power distribution units, or other “on/off” functions via CANbus messages


  • Adds support for the (new type) SimTek ecu.
  • Turbo speed
  • NOS pressure gauges
  • Gear indicator increased to show gears up to 9
  • Minor bug fixes.