New Mini-Expansion Unit Software – GPS and Speed Sensor Enhancements

V2.20 software now takes advantage of the latest Syvecs S6 firmware that allows full GPS information to be sent, alongside the existing “slave protocol”.

This allows the MEU to not only provide its 4 additional inputs, plus the EGT/Bosch lambda/barometric pressure data, and an H-bridge driver output, but also all the GPS data – latitude/longitude/course/speed/satellite info etc. And all at a 50Hz update rate.

The GPS protocol used also includes all motion sensor data (lateral/longitudinal/vertical G and yaw/pitch/roll).

The MEU also has GPS beacon functionality that sends a “blip” to the ECU when you drive through the configured beacon zone. Useful for lap timing.

The upgrade also, at long last, adds support for “VR” speed sensors (e.g. typical 2-wire ABS sensors) as well as Hall Effect types. No hardware mods needed – just a firmware update.

All in all, this makes for an extremely powerful combination of functionality, in a highly cost-effective package.

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