New Toucan firmware available

New firmware is now available, along with an updated User Guide and CAL incorporating the new datastream definitions. All units shipped from today onwards will be flashed with this firmware version.

This firmware fixes some issues and adds new functionality as follows – it is recommended that you upgrade to this version.

  • In some circumstances parameters that ought to have caused an alarm were not being registered correctly in previous versions, meaning alarms might not be triggered.
  • Support for Syvecs Custom Serial data – this was added in Syvecs version V1.25
  • Adds new “Sensor Fail” alarm, making use of the new feature in Syvecs version V1.25 and onwards. Minor, moderate and critical sensor failures are shown with different colours.
  • PIN protection can now be enabled, if wished, for CAL 8 only instead of all CALs. This is useful if CAL 8 is an immobiliser or Valet mode CAL.
  • You can, if wished, suppress audible alarms when the engine is not running
  • A per-alarm/gauge temporary alarm mute, suppressing the alarm until it either clears, or until Toucan is re-powered.
  • New injector duty cycle alarm, triggered if injector duty cycle exceeds a user-set value (e.g. 85%)
  • direct access to knock or sensor failure alarms from the main gauge page alarm symbol

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