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Flex Fuel Sensor Other Sensors/Switches (knock, clutch switches, flex fuel, boost control solenoids)

This clever little device measures the alcohol content of the fuel. It works equally well with methanol and/or ethanol. It needs to be fitted in the fuel return line and, as standard, has a 3/8″ hard pipe for flexible fuel hose – quick-fit AN6 adapters are available as an optional extra. The sensor hard pipe is “full bore” apart from where the small sensor element protrodes in to the pipe, and, in our opinion, flows enough fuel for most applications. If your installation demands AN8 fittings for the fuel return, then the sensor should be fitted with a bypass (i.e. Y-joiners before and after) so that the majority of the return flow is via the bypass, but a small amount of fuel still flows through the sensor. We stock this sensor principally to be used in conjunction with Syvecs ECUs which have comprehensive flex fuel support, but we understand that it can be used with MoTeC ECUs as well as many others. A display for the alcohol content is available on our Toucan display (and fuel temperature if the ECU used can decode this information – e.g. Link).

3/8" SAE hard-pipe, AN6 - black
Cable Length
1.5m (engine bay mounted), 4m (boot mounted), Mating Connector Only

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