Toucan Firmware V1.30 available – MoTeC and MBE support, plus many new functions.

Toucan firmware V1.30 and corresponding new User Guides are available for download now. 

V1.30 is a significant release with a host of new functionality and, most excitingly, support for MoTeC MBE ecus.

New functionality is as follows:

  • MoTeC Support. Allows Launch RPM adjustment, LC on/off and ALS map selection and on/off).
  • MBE Support. Allows Launch sector selection. Choice of OBD-II or Superseal connection leads.
  • Turn display off to avoid distractions by press-and-hold the manual display dim button (all)
  • Adds AFR text to lambda gauge
  • Return to previously viewed large gauge by press-and-hold any gauge on the main screen (all)
  • Flex Fuel gauge (with text in % as well as gauge) (Syvecs)
  • 12,000 rpm gauge as alternative choice to 10,000 rpm gauge (all)
  • PIN protect first CAL added – can selected alone or along with last CAL (e.g. Valet mode aas well as immobiliser mode) (all)
  • Increased sleep timeout when switched live removed – display more likely to remain alive during cranking if wired so that switched live feed is not active during cranking. (all)
  • Injector duty display on Injector Duty large alarm gauge (all)
  • Ignition Knock Retard per cylinder on large knock alarm gauge (Syvecs, AlcaTek)
  • New “list” mode that shows all available parameters as text rather than as a gauge
  • Added wastegate duty and ignition advance to the list display (all).
  • Manual editing of Syvecs CAN frame/slot assignments, especially for vehicles using a CAN bridge or other non-standard CAN definitions. Can be used to disable parameters if not needed (e.g. knock retard on cylinders not present). (Syvecs)
  • Display of current traction control (TC) CAL on the main screen, and ability to name each TC CAL as per main CALs (Syvecs).
  • CANbus control of CAL selection (frees up an input pin) (Syvecs).
  • CAL override to jump directly to a CAL pre-defined in SCal, when using CANbus control of CAL. Selectable on any or all of the 4 pages through the gauge setup screens (Syvecs).
  • ALS on/off from the screen, when using CANbus control (Syvecs – already supported on AlcaTek and MoTeC).
  • CAL output voltage wire will follow TC selection menu rather than CAL selection menu when CANbus control of CAL is enabled (Syvecs).
  • Currently connected ECU shown on “More” pages –also shows if ECU is not connected to assist fault finding (all)
  • 500kbit/s CANbus mode (MBE)
  • Some help pages added
  • Labels on main screen for CAL, ALS and TC now picked from first 5 characters of the entered text rather than hard-coded (all).

All versions are available for purchase from the shop, with AlcaTek and Syvecs versions ready for immediate dispatch. MoTeC and MBE deliveries will commence week of 9th December, once the connection leads are available.

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