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The shift light provides the following functions:

  • Connects via CANbus, OBD-II (2008-on vehicles/CAN-only) or tacho drive from instruments/ECU. Also to Life Racing/Syvecs “slave-mode” CANbus at 1.33Mbit/s
  • 8 high-brightness RGB LEDs
  • Each LED can be set to be yellow, orange, red, green, blue, magenta, cyan or white.
  • Each LED can be set to 1 of 4 different brightness levels
  • Each LED has an “on” RPM setting. When the RPM is at or above this value, the LED will be ON. When below the setting, the LED will be OFF.
  • Each LED has an “off” RPM setting. When the RPM is at or above this value the LED will turn off again. If the value is set very high, the LED will, effectively, not turn off when the RPM is above its RPM “on” setting
  • Each LED can be set to flash or be on constantly when the RPM is above the “on” value
  • All LEDs can be set to be on/flash at a chosen RPM
  • When used with a Toucan, LEDs can be used to signal an alarm condition
  • Configuration is via a PC programme that can be downloaded from the JT Innovations website via the built-in USB port (cable supplied). This allows full customisation of the LED patterns, as well as the connection mode, with the ability to save LED and to save/name any custom CAN configurations created.
  • Firmware updates can be applied using the PC program for future feature enhancements and improvements.


Data Interface CAN 2.0B at 1.33Mbit/s, 1Mbit/s, 500kbit/s or 250kbit/s.
Power 8-20V <20mA typ.
Memory Non-volatile storage of all parameters
Warranty 1 year
Dimensions 100x20x16mm
Weight 30g
LEDs High Brightness RGB
Package contents Shift Light unit, power/data cable harness, USB cable, sticky tape for mounting, installation guide.

Toucan configuration screen

Shiftlight setup screen

PC Software

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