Silicone joiners now available; simplifies air temp sensor installation.

When installing aftermarket engine management systems, such as Syvecs or Alcatek, and especially when a front-mount intercooler is used, it is best to add an air temperature sensor, wired back to the ECU.

Having seen all sorts of bodged installations, usually making use of epoxy resin and pot luck, we decided to invest in the tooling for some silicone joiners to do the job properly.

These are available now in 2 different sizes for £49.99+VAT – in black only for now until we gauge the level of interest.

  • 70mm-to-63mm (standard Subaru throttle body to smaller FMIC pipework such as Hybrids)
  • 70mm-to-76mm (standard Subaru throttle body to larger FMIC pipework such as APS or Hyperflow)

Both are 82mm long, and a 63mm-to-63mm coupler will be available soon. 

They have an M10 boss moulded in, ready to accept most common air temperature sensors including, of course, the one we stock 🙂

Silicone JoinerJoiner showing sensor tip



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