Toucan available for Link G4/G4+ and Vi-PEC

Launched today, Toucan now supports the Link G4 and G4+, and the Vi-PEC V-series and i-series engine management systems.

With the G4 and V-series, Toucan acts as a gauge-only device, providing the usual range of real-time gauges, for most sensors connected to the ECU.

With the G4+ and i-series systems, Toucan can also act as a control interface allowing launch control and antilag to be turned on and off from the touchscreen. It also controls up to 8 Digital Inputs (“DI’s”) over CANbus, allowing various table combinations to be chosen from Toucan’s map/CAL selection screens. This adds real time map switching to the G4+ and i-series ECUs.

Cables are available with either the 6 pin CAN connector, or with pins fitted for the ECU header, depending on the model.

Toucan is in stock and ready to ship immediately for Life Racing, Syvecs, AlcaTek, MoTeC, MBE, Link and Vi-PEC engine management systems.

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