Toucan now supports AlcaTek (original Simtek) ecu

It’s been a long time coming, but as of today Toucan now has full support for the AlcaTek (Simtek) engine management system.

AlcaTek have always been the manufacturer of the ecu originally known as a “Simtek”, but AlcaTek are now supporting their ecu directly and have today announced a major round of enhancements. Initially available for new installs only, it will not be long before the vast majority of existing “Simtek” ecus may be upgraded with the new functionality, gaining the ability to take advantage of a Toucan touchscreen.

When connected to an AlcaTek ecu, not only are the the familiar gauge and alarm functions present, plus selection of the required calibration/”map”, but Toucan now allows users to select the antilag map required, as well as providing the ability to turn antilag and/or launch control on or off directly from the touchscreen. Launch RPM can also be adjusted by the user. 

The combination of an AlcaTek ecu and Toucan touchscreen is a fantastic package – why not visit Japfest on Saturday May 12th, at Castle Combe circuit, where both an AlcaTek ecu and Toucan display can be seen working on the EngineTuner stand. Tim from JT Innovations and Andy Leech from AlcaTek will be on hand to answer any questions.

Full details of the AlcaTek ecu upgrade package can be obtained from your ecu installer/mapper.

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