Customer comment – Toucan fitted to Spec C

Paraphrased from a customer who has a Toucan fitted to his Spec C, with an ECU from AlcaTek ECUs mapped by Martyn at Enginetuner Ltd

Martyn took me for a test drive and to show me the various features of the Alcatek ECU and Toucan touch screen display, I am really impressed by how well everything works and the features / functions you can access.

The good thing about launch control is that you can now choose to have it off or on just by selecting it on the Toucan, whereas before it automatically engaged at a selected RPM when you were stationary and in first gear with the clutch pedal depressed (5000 rpm on my car from memory).

Switching maps, engaging launch control and switching the anti lag on/off is a breeze with the Toucan, as well as the warning alarms for the sensors is great. You don’t need to constantly watch the Toucan scanning for faults, if there is a problem you will get an audible warning as well the visual one.

When I had gauges fitted I found that I spent too much time watching them for oil temp and pressure constantly worried in case something went wrong.

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