Toucan firmware V1.20 released

Toucan firmware V1.20 is now available for download here.

This release includes a raft of new functionality, as follows:

  • User configurable gauge pages allowing you to choose exactly what gauge you want on all of the 4 main gauge screens
  • A new fuel level gauge (Syvecs only – needs fuel level sensor wired to Syvecs)
  • New “USA” units, with imperial units for all gauges except for boost and MAP which are in kPa
  • 12 CAL support (Syvecs only)
  • Second EGT gauge support (Syvecs only)
  • Second lambda gauge support (Syvecs only)
  • 3.5 bar boost gauge in addition to the existing 2.5 bar gauge
  • Alternative “gear” display using numbers/letters rather than “H” pattern
  • Lean Lambda alarm – alarm triggers if boost and rpm are above adjustable thresholds and lambda then exceeds an adjustable value (i.e. lambda has gone lean on boost)
  • Limp and cut warning/alarm displaying the reason for the limp/cut mode (Syvecs)
  • Dynamic minimum markers – allows you to see the minimum value seen in the last few seconds in addition to the existing dynamic maximum markers.
Note that applying any new firmware to Toucan will reset all user settings to default values.
Also note that switching between 8 CAL and 12 CAL support will reset the CAL voltages to default values – it is important that you check the output voltages match the values as set via SCal.
There is a new user guide available for this release, also on the downloads page.

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